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copy.jpgWriting content for your law firm’s website requires a different approach than most other mediums. The content needs to be informative and helpful. However, you are faced with the unenviable task of explaining, in layman’s terms, very complex subjects while at the same time facing the fleeting attention of your site visitors.

I want to address writing content from the standpoint of engaging your visitors and helping to increase contacts from your site.

4 Tips On Writing Good Content For The Web

  1. People scan content on the web…they don’t read everything in full – Keep your paragraphs and sentences short. Use headlines and bolding that highlight your key points.
  2. Create Lists – People love lists on the web. When lists and bullets are used appropriately, a user can more easily scan and digest the points you make.
  3. Be conversational, cut down on the “marketing speak” – I always stress that people want to buy from other people, not faceless firms. This is especially true when selling professional services. Make sure you write with your voice, while maintaining a professional tone.
  4. Stay away from legalese – Not only doesn’t the average consumer understand it, but they will quickly dismiss your material and move on to another site. Attention is fleeting on the web, if a potential client doesn’t understand what you are saying, your competitor is only a click away.

A great book to read on the subject is Net Copy by Nick Usborne.

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Free Guide: Writing Content For Your Law Firm’s Website

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Great information from Dan Ross over on Bagel Tuesday on living in a content-centric world:

All this requires a new way of thinking about your online presence: It’s all about creating and distributing content. So the first step to a successful social media strategy is creating an engine of timely, relevant, differentiated content.

I couldn’t agree more. In fact, if I had to identify the two most critical components to an effective law firm seo strategy, I would say focus on developing valuable content and distributing that content to legal services consumers, professional colleagues, thought leaders, and those ready, willing, and able to link to and further publicize it.