On-Page Optmization

Once you have brainstormed a list of relevant keywords and prioritized them by search volume and competition, the next step is getting these keywords onto your web properties. This is referred to as “on-page optimization” and is part of the signaling that tells search engines like Google what your web pages are about.

There are certain parts of your web pages that play a very large role in communicating the subject matter of a web page to a search engine. The most important of these is the page’s title tag.

We see many law firm websites and blogs that use a lawyer’s name or law firm name in the title tag. While this may make sense in terms of branding the firm, only using an attorney’s name of law firm’s name greatly limits the information that is being communicated to the search engines. While sites that implement title tags like these are likely to rank well for those names, they are unlikely to rank as well for much else.

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