Web Rip-Off Alert: $500 For Google Places Profile Claiming?

As reported by Natalie Waddell in Save your money. Claim your own Facebook Place:

Five hundred dollars to have a third-party consultant claim your Facebook Place on your behalf because it is “complicated to do if you don’t have experience”?!

Give me a break. This is absolutely outrageous; but true. It is what is being charged by a high profile seo company located in Vancouver.

If someone tries to charge you $500 to claim your Google Places profile, hit delete, hang up, or walk the other way. Claiming your Place profile is free and not difficult. In fact, head to getlisted.org to claim all your major profiles.

On the other hand, local law firm seo strategy is about more than simply claiming profiles. You need consistent strategic local citations. Getting those requires both strategy and leg work.

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