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According to Wikipedia, strategy is:

a word of military origin, refers to a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal. In military usage strategy is distinct from tactics, which are concerned with the conduct of an engagement, while strategy is concerned with how different engagements are linked. How a battle is fought is a matter of tactics: the terms and conditions that it is fought on and whether it should be fought at all is a matter of strategy, which is part of the four levels of warfare: political goals or grand strategy, strategy, operations, and tactics. Building on the work of many thinkers on the subject, one can define strategy as “a comprehensive way to try to pursue political ends, including the threat or actual use of force, in a dialectic of wills – there have to be at least two sides to a conflict. These sides interact, and thus a Strategy will thus rarely be successful if it shows no adaptability.

A Plan of Action Designed to Achieve a Particular Goal

Google recently released a new kind of visual search result called Instant Previews. Instant Previews are a small snapshot of the webpage Google is returning in it’s results. Here is an example of the AttorneySync website as seen through Instant Preview in the search results:


According to Google, they’ve found that people are 5% more likely to be satisfied with the result they click when they use the new feature. Here are a few more ways Google suggests Instant Preview might be used to help a searcher:

  • Quickly compare results – A visual comparison of search results helps you pick the one that’s right for you. Quickly flip through previews to see which page looks best.
  • Pinpoint relevant content – Text call outs, in orange, will sometimes highlight where your search terms appear on the webpage so you can evaluate if it’s what you’re looking for.
  • Interact with the results page – Page previews let you see the layout of a webpage before clicking the search result. Looking for a chart, picture, map or list? See if you can spot one in the preview.

What This Means For Your Firm’s Site

You’ll need to take a hard look at the aesthetics of your site and make sure things appear up to date. You are going to have to start earning those clicks with more than simply a high ranking.

Here are a few suggestions for getting the most out of your Google Instant Preview:
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